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If you have any queries or need some advice then our Factory Foreman is here to help you.

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Speak to an expert. Contact our "Factory Foreman" and he can answer any questions you may have.

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Speak with an expert

Information security risk management is not easy: technical jargon can be difficult to understand; compliance requirements are confusing and sometimes conflicting; and more often than not, you don’t understand the value of a service or product you Factory Foreman purchased until long after you bought it.

But here at the Risk Factory we believe it doesn't have to be that way.

We believe that knowledge is the silver bullet so we've created a position whose sole objective is to ensure that you know everything you need to know before, during and after purchasing one of our risk management services: The Factory Foreman.

The Factory Foreman is a seasoned information security risk management professional who is at your beck and call. He’s your “go to guy”. He knows what you need and why you need it but (and this is the key part), he is not a salesman!

Our foreman is an expert who can explain the difference between a penetration test and vulnerability scanning to you in simple terms and tell you which one you need to do to meet a compliance framework, how often and why.

Pragmatic, plain spoken and direct, the Factory Foreman’s job is to help you understand your risk management choices and what you need to achieve your compliance goals as well as address any questions you may have regarding our service’s applicability, scope, methodology or deliverable.

Got a question? Give him a call. The Factory Foreman can be reached anytime on 0800 978 8139 from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday.