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We offer a wide range of governance, risk and compliance services to enable you to identify, minimise and manage the risks to your information.

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The average cost of a security breach for a small company is 115k.

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GDPR Security Awareness Training

GDPR Security Awareness Training is a continuous process to ensure that your employees understand the risks to the personal and sensitive identifiable information that your business processes, stores or transmits.

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GDPR Security Policies

GDPR Security Policies provide a comprehensive document that identifies what must be done in your organisation to protect the personal and sensitive information you process. Good policies are simple, pragmatic, and should be clearly communicated to your employees from the top down.  

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GDPR Compliance Gap Analysis

A GDPR Compliance Gap Analysis is the starting block for your data protection compliance efforts. It provides a detailed comparison of what your business is currently doing against what it should be doing to achieve compliance to the United Kingdom and EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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GDPR Package

The Risk Factory GDPR Package is a collection of fundamental services required for compliance to GDPR of the United Kingdom and EU.




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