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What is it?

DPA Security Awareness Training is a continuous process to ensure that your employees understand the risks to the personal and sensitive identifiable information that your business processes, stores or transmits. An effective program should include initial training on definitions of personal and sensitive information and minimum security requirements for its protection and release – and be refreshed and repeated at least annually. Like information security policies, training must include the employee’s confirmation that they understand and accept their responsibilities to protect the information entrusted to them. Messages should be consistent, simple and useful outside of the workplace, as good security is a life-style, not a workplace obligation.

Why should I do this?

It is recommended as best practice by the UK Information Commissioner (ICO) to comply with the Regulations as a good awareness program heightens employee attentiveness to the security risks of losing sensitive data and the things that must be done to mitigate that risk.

Whether through ignorance, or malicious intent, employees are still the primary risk to an organisation’s information assets. By focusing on the most appropriate fundamental measures such as good passwords, not opening unknown attachments and where and how to report suspicious incidents, the programme will be more readily accepted by non-technical and technical employees alike.

How often should I do it?

Training should be provided initially to employees during their indoctrination to the company and then annually thereafter.

What will Risk Factory do?

  • Provide an easy to use, on-line (40 minute) Data Protection Act (DPA) Awareness Training course for your employees to log on and learn best information security practice.
  • Provide best practice DPA-specific course content for your compliance requirements.
  • Teach your employees in simple non-technical language, how and why hackers hack.
  • Instruct your employees in the best methods of protecting the DPA information you process.
  • Explain the employee’s inherent responsibilities for protecting DPA information and identifying and reporting suspicious incidents.

What will I receive?

  • Effective course content with consistent, simple and meaningful messages useful outside of the workplace and so more readily accepted by both non-technical and technical employees alike. To  see the portal and sample content please contact the Risk Factory Foreman.
  • Company & employee DPA information security training validation certificates for award and evidence of compliance.
  • Monthly information security awareness bulletins to be included in your businesses newsletters, intranet publications, or blogs.

Do I need to do anything in advance?

The service is charged on a per year, per employee basis so just give us the number of years you'd like us to provide the training (quantity) and the number of employees requiring training (users) when getting your quote. Our Factory Foreman will then call you to set everything up.