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What is it?

Cyber insurance is a risk transfer product that protects your company from a wide range of cyber and electronic risks and third party exposures including:

  • Hacking attacks
  • Data breaches
  • Virus transmissions
  • Employee sabotage
  • Network downtime
  • Loss of income or expenses incurred
  • Cyber media liability
  • Operational errors
  • Cyber theft and extortion
  • PR expenses
  • Restoration of network and data
  • Other third party liability cyber incidents

Risk Factory offers this insurance through its affiliate partner Ashley Page Insurance Brokers Ltd

Why should I do it?

Data is one of, if not the most important asset to your business and is not covered by standard insurances should it be damaged, destroyed or violated.

With over 1000 cyber-attacks happening in the UK every hour and the average cost of SME cyber/ data loss ranging from £60k-£115k, cyber insurance has become a necessity to mitigate costs associated with a breach.

Due to the increasing use of technology, new exposures arise for all businesses. It is imperative to ensure that you understand the risk exposure to your business, take the appropriate security precautions and have an insurance policy that protects you, is tailored to meet with your needs and embraces crucial and critical cyber risks.

How often should I do this?

The insurance policies cover you for a year from the start of cover.

What will I receive?

Cost-effective, comprehensive and third party insurance cover for your business for one year. The policy will be customised to meet your specific business and cyber security requirements.

How do I get a quote?

As we can't provide you with an online quote for this service, you will need to speak with our Factory Foreman to specify your exact insurance requirements.  

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